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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Notebook

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This tool helps you organize your jiu-jitsu notes so you can get more out of your training, learn faster, and perform better.

Have you ever taken a jiu-jitsu class, went to bed, and forgot what you learned? Have you ever taken detailed notes only to lose them later? I've done both - that's why I made this tool!

This template gives you a simple system to record classes and techniques so you can access those notes later. It also comes preloaded with techniques and a database to log training partners and instructors. This tool gives you everything you need to take better jiu-jitsu notes and learn more, all in a simple package available on all of your devices.

Stop wasting time, take better notes, and be a better grappler.

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Notion template that helps you take better jiu-jitsu notes

Training partner database
Visualizations to view your progress
Pre-loaded technique database
To use the template:
1. Log into Notion on your browser
2. Open the page and click "Duplicate" in its upper right corner
3. Choose the workspace you'd like to duplicate the page into
4. Your browser will take you to that page
5. You can edit this page just like you would any other
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Notebook

5 ratings
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